Spotify launches in the video on Android and iOS

Spotify deploys a video product to its Android users and iOS. According to the Wall Street Journal, Android users get the service this week, followed by Apple users next week.

Spotify has launched its video channel from content providers such as ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, BBC, vice Media Maker studio, Slate, and others. Both Android and iOS, you can get to Spotify videos by typing the “Browse” section and choosing “Shows”. Below the line selected, you will see two choices: video shows, and also shows the audio; Spotify has been serving podcasts for several months, but the beginning of the video has taken longer. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Swedish streaming music service goes out streaming video for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden first on Android and on iOS devices by the end of the week. Continue reading

How to Pin Things On the Start Menu on Windows 10

How To Pin Items To The Windows 10 Start Menu

The comeback of the start menu on windows 10 is one feature that most people hoped would return. This was after windows 8 drastically changed the normal process of start applications. Most users have even been making loud demands on the original windows 7 set-up. The windows 10 start menu comes as a combined product of a bit of windows 7 and a bit of windows 8. It has the same easy to use menu-based lists that windows 7 had as well as the epic full screen menu set-up from windows 8. As much as windows 10 appear to be more effective and diverse it has more customization options than its previous versions. Outlined are effective tips on how to pin websites, shortcuts, notes, folders, contacts, settings and emails to the start menu I windows 10. Pinning stuff to the start menu makes it easier for you to access your stuff fast.



For you to pin any website to the start menu you need to ensure you have the Microsoft Edge browser. This is an application that assists in pinning website shortcuts to the start menu. All you have to do is open the application (edge browser) and use it to get to the web page you are interested in pinning. Once you get to the page, right click on the page then select pin to start. If the website allows it, you have successfully pinned your web page to the start menu.


For the notes you also need the OneNote app which makes it possible for you to pin your notes to your start menu for frequent and fast access. Windows 10 actually comes with the OneNote app and all you have to do open the OneNote app then right click on the note you want to pin then select the pin to start option.


Pinning a folder to the start menu is not quite a task. First identify the folder you want to pin, then right click on the folder then select the pin to start option. You can also pin your drives by simply right clicking on the one you want to pin to start menu then select the pin to start as well. 


It is simply awesome to be in a position to pin your contacts to the start menu. Windows 10 comes with an epic People app hat helps you locate any contact you want. Once you locate the contact you simply right click on the contact then select the ‘pin to start’ option. The contact is even saved with the exact profile image in the contacts. 


Windows 10 also allows you to pin settings to the start menu with the help of the setting app. You simply open the settings app then select the setting you wish to pin to the start menu. Right click on the setting then click on the ‘pin to start’ option. 


Windows comes with the Mail app that allows you to pin your email account to the start menu. All you have to do is select the mail app then navigate to the email account you want to pin, then right click on the account then select to the ‘pin to start’ option. 

If you want to unpin anything from the start menu all you have to do is right click on the shortcut icon then select the ‘unpin from start’ option.